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Can You Reduce Gum Disease by Changing Your Diet?

Posted on 8/24/2020 by Matthew Martin
Can You Reduce Gum Disease by Changing Your Diet?Gum disease is incredibly common and can be a life-long problem for many people. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, can have serious effects on your gums, teeth, and even the bones that hold your teeth in place. The good news is that you can easily reduce issues with gum disease, starting with changing your diet.

What Foods Help to Combat Gum Disease?

It is true that you can reduce the chances of having gum disease by changing your diet and oral hygiene routine. There are some foods that can lead to issues such as super sugary foods that leave plaque build-up in your mouth. The plaque can not only break down teeth, but it can break down gums as well. Avoid sugary foods as much as possible, and brush your teeth shortly after you're done eating them to prevent any plaque from forming. Aim to eat foods that are high in Vitamin C, because these help your immune system fight off bacteria that cause gum disease. Eating carrots is also good for fighting off gum disease because they are high in beta carotene. The beta carotene gets converted into Vitamin A, which helps to prevent inflammation caused by periodontal disease.

Is Changing Your Diet Going to Be Enough to Fix Gum Disease?

If you have a very mild case of gum disease, then altering your diet and practicing safe and consistent oral hygiene may be enough to fix the problem. But in many cases, you will need some extra professional help from the people at our office. If you are experiencing symptoms of gum disease that aren't going away on their own, come and see us right away.

Good oral hygiene, a healthy diet, and regular oral check-ups will keep your mouth healthy and happy for your whole life long. Schedule your appointment for an exam with us today and help protect your teeth and gums.
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